DBT approved Infras Center for Animal Research Training and Services

  1. CAReTS has Eight functional facility established

Small Animal Housing/Testing, Cell Culture, Pathology, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Microscopy & Imaging, Microbiology, Genetic Toxicology with 97 SOPs for biosafety and efficacy testing are developed.

  1. Research / Testing models (developed/under development)
  1. In vivo micronucleus assay
  2. In vitro cell viability assessment
  • In vivo anti-inflammatory model
  1. In vivo anti-arthritic study model
  2. Acute oral toxicity testing in rats
  3. Sub-acute oral toxicity testing in rats
  • Diet-induced hyperlipidemic model system
  • Wound healing assay in rat models: Incision and excision wound
  1. In vitro hemo-compatibility testing
  2. In vitro cell toxicity using MTT assay
  3. In vitro stem cell model system for osteoblast
  • In vitro stem cell model system for osteoclast
  • In vitro stem cell model system for adipogenesis
  • In vitro cell cultures and cell lines maintained : U87MG, HCT-116, Neuro2a, H9C2, primary rat mesenchymal stem cells, PBMCs
  1. Training Program : 5
  1. STOX 2018 PRE-CONFERENCE INAUGURATION & Seminar on “INNOVATIONS IN PUBLIC HEALTH” organized as part of the International Conference on “The Role of Toxicology in Public Health”, 38th Annual Conference of The Society of Toxicology India held on October 01, 2018  – at  Lecture Hall 1, Ground Floor, MGMCRI, Puducherry

Nipuna: Biomedical Skill Development and Training Program; STOX-2018 Pre-Conference Skill Development Module

  1. Hands-on Workshop I in “Predictive Toxicology – PCR technique for Clinical Researchers”held on 15 & 16.11.2018
  2. Hands-on Workshop II in “Laboratory Animal Experimentation for Researchers”held on 28.11.2018
  • Hands-on Workshop III in “Animal handling, Sampling and Histopathology” held on 29 & 30.11.2018
  1. Hands-on Workshop IV in “Simple Toxicological methods for student research projects” held on12.12.2018
  1. Ongoing projects: 20
  2. Completed projects: 7
  3. Projects in pipeline: 2
  4. Conference: 1

International Conference on “The Role of Toxicology in Public Health” 38th Annual Conference of the Society of Toxicology, STOX2018 by CAReTS, CIDRF of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, Puducherry and Society of Toxicology India, held on December 12-14, 2018 at MGMCRI Campus, Puducherry

  1. Products tested: 15

Biomaterial, Marine extracts, phytochemicals, peptides are being tested

  1. Technical services: 12
  1. Clinical Chemistry Testing: Biochemical analysis, Hematology counting, Urine analysis, Electrolyte analysis
  2. Pathology: Tissue Processing, Embedding, Microtomy, Slide scoring, Immunohistochemistry
  • Cell culture Facility: Aseptic Handling in Biosafety Cabinets, Culture maintenance in CO2 Incubator with Hypoxia proficiency, Imaging with EVOS auto FL2.
  1. Small Animal Housing and Maintenance: Animal Handling in Cage Change station, Animal Housing in conventional cages and Individually Ventilated Cages, anesthesia in EZ anesthesia Unit, euthanisia in CO2 euthanasia chamber with Pearl Triology Near IR whole animal Imaging facility.
  2. Genomic and proteomic facility including Automated Nucleic acid Isolation in QiaCube, Rotor-Q real Time PCR, Bio-Rad Agarose and PAGE Gel electrophoresis apparatus, Odessey Fc Near IR Chem Documentation Unit.
  3. Multi Skan Go spectrophotometer for ELISA and nucleic acid Protein quantification
  • Microbiology culture and testing facility: with Inoculation hood, chamber, incubator, microscope and anaerobic chamber
  • Toxicology testing: AMES, Micronucleus,


  1. Course : 1  Laboratory Animal Research Assistant (LARA) course
  2. Innovative programs: 7
  1. SARATHY- Predictive Genetic Testing
  2. PIPERS- Practice Integrated Pathology Education Research and Services
  • ARUBAM- Study model development
  1. RASA- Regional Animal Sample Archive
  2. RECORD- Regional Cooperation on Research & Development
  3. RajaG- Innovative Healthcare Thinker Award
  • Vendradi- Friday visiting of Research Facility
  • RING- Research Interns for Next Generation
  1. Student’s Training: in-house UG, PG, research Interns M.Sc, B.Tech are being trained
  2. Public Outreach Module-3

STOX 2018 Pre-Conference Public Outreach Module

  1. 3G Healthy Living Module Group Discussion on “Time Tested Tips and Traditions” Theme: Healthy Living held on 1.11.2018
  2. Public Education Module: Health Education Program on “Salt, Sugar and Contaminated Water” Theme: Fact vs Fantasy held on 14.11.2018 conducted with Indira Gandhi College of Dental Sciences, SBV, Pillaiyarkuppam, Pondicherry.
  • Public Awareness Module: Public Curtain Raiser Program on “Prevention of Toxic Exposures” Theme: Microplastics held on 19.11.2018 conducted with Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College, SBV, Pillaiyarkuppam, Pondicherry.
  1. Poster Competition for School Children, Theme: Recycling and Waste Management held on 29.12.2018 conducted Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, SBV, Pillaiyarkuppam, Pondicherry.
  2. EMR
  • PAMS Research Contract PDF