Dr Mangaiyarkarasi Ravirajan

Senior Scientist

Email: mangai33@yahoo.co.in; mangaiyarkarasin@cidrf.res.in

Academic Qualification:

  • PhD in Marine Biotechnology

Current Interests of Dr. Mangaiyarkarasi:

  • Medicinal Plants
  • Marine natural products for therapeutic use
  • Marine algae for bone health
  • Marine algae for cancer treatment
  • Marine algae for larvicidal activity

About Dr. Mangaiyarkarasi:

Dr. Mangaiyarkarasi is a marine biologist with more than 30 years of academic and research experience in using field observations and manipulative experiments to address issues relating to medicinal plants, marine macro algae, biodiversity and ecosystem function. She has a broad range of interests including extraction of marine natural product and its therapeutic use. The research she oversees aims to develop novel approaches for extraction and medicinal activity of bio molecules especially in relation to human carcinoma cells.

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